Dental Implants – Why Does the Dental Insurance Refuse to Cover Them?

Are dental implants an experimental procedure? Why do the dental insurance companies refuse to cover them?

Teeth implants are still considered experimental procedure by dental insurance companies. Several million implants have been performed over the last few decades. But, still it is considered experimental by dental insurance contracts which were written in the sixties.

Also, the dental insurance companies claim tooth implants as a medical procedures while the medical insurers claim it to be a purely dental procedure. Result is both refuse to pay for treatment charges.

A concerted action by consumers, experts and other interest groups is needed to rectify this situation.

Over the years some dental professionals have succeeded in getting some relief for the patients by getting at least the surgery part of the tooth implant procedure to be covered by the insurance companies.

Tooth Implants Many Benefits

They restore your comfort and confidence. Many people with dentures have to suffer through irritation, discomfort and pain due to ill-fitting dentures. They have to go through life never knowing when partial dentures may slip out.

But with dental implants you no longer have to worry. No more clicks and wobbles. No more misplaced dentures. Your implants offer you freedom from such problems.

They offer reliability and high success rates.

As they are placed in side the bone and integrates with it there is no further bone loss and gum recession. Bridges and dentures do not prevent this.

Dental Implants are cost effective as only the teeth that needs replacement is replaced. In bridges for a single tooth replacement you need to for three teeth bridges which may work out more expensive in the long run as perfectly normally are sacrificed to support the bridges.