Deer Antler Velvet Supplements

In 2007, the USA Today reported, “Federal authorities announced the largest crackdown on illegal steroids in the nation’s history, arresting more than 120 people and raiding dozens of labs that manufactured growth hormone for sale on the black market.” Since the big crackdown from the federal government on steroids and other illegal substances individuals and companies have made a big push away from the practices.

With companies such as MusclePharm, Dymatize and the body evolution making a stand being drug and banned substance free more athletes and fitness enthusiasts are becoming more aware of what is proper. There are so many factors that go all the way to government policies to new diseases that come up on a daily basis. People around the world are trying to go the natural and holistic way to better their health.

One of the natural ways has been going to natural herbs and whole foods because of the way the body can easily digest and extract the different vitamins and minerals for a more healthy body. Recently there has been a big push for deer antler velvet supplements. There are so many different deer antler supplements out there that are pure crap and there are some that are kept in the whole foods form for better absorption and usage.

The big element behind why deer antler velvet supplements are so popular is how it is so easy for the body to break down if kept in whole food format. There is also a high potency of a growth hormone called IGF-1 which stands for insulin growth factor 1. Research has shown one of the big benefits from this supplement is it can help repair cartilage and heal tendon injuries which makes it so attractive to athletes such as bodybuilders, football players, and many other athletes a like. You must take caution because many professional sport organizations such as the National Football League has banned this substance because of it’s performance enhancement capabilities. This is also frowned upon by Natural Bodybuilding

IGF-1 has demonstrated great benefits in helping young kids who have stunted growth and individuals with dwarfism. In these circumstances, it is wise to be monitored by a doctor because if you get too much of this growth hormone it can be very detrimental making tendons too tight causing problems you don’t want to have. Just like any other supplement you must take caution and don’t be stupid. Research, research, research and ask professionals in the fitness and medical industry.