Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If your budget is not a consideration, then consider custom-made kitchen cabinets as a viable option to remodel your kitchen and give it a new lease on life. This is not to say that custom-made cabinets are unaffordable, it just means that if you decide to opt for custom cabinets, the sky is the limit.

Before deciding on the cabinetry, you should have clear-cut idea of what you are looking for. This means you need to decide upon the style and color of the cabinets. Study the market and you’ll find that cabinetmakers will be able to match any color of your choice or an existing cupboard in your kitchen if you so desire. Then you need to check out your preferences in term of wood or steel.

Also, depending upon whether your home is a modern apartment or a centuries old house, you can think in terms of traditional design or a contemporary look. Traditional designs will involve add on frills and moldings. Contemporary designs, on the other hand, focus on an uncluttered, simple, ready-to-use look.

Another important factor that should call for your attention is the amount of time you’ll spend in the kitchen. This factor will determine how much of space you wish to allocate to you custom kitchen cabinets.

You can use kitchen cabinets to create more counter space, store food products, hide appliances, and display silverware. Depending on the space you allocate for the cabinets, you can decide on cabinets with overtop storage space for dishes or pull out drawers underneath the stove for pots and pans.

Traditionally, kitchen cabinets were made of solid wood varying from the sturdy oak to the wine red cherry or the elegant maple. Trends have changed in kitchen cabinetry and now you have newer and trendier options including freestanding or mobile cabinets made from glass or durable plastics.

There are a wide array of knobs and latches to add aesthetic value to the cabinets. Again, you can pick between the contemporary or vintage designs. Also, if you have kids or grand kids in the house, you can consider knobs with monkey faces or rocking horse designs. Knobs designed as teddy bears continue to hold the fascination of children.

You can also consider add-on accessories such as lights. Again, the designs vary from the spotlight halogen lamps to the fluorescent connections.

So, if you can loosen your purse stings, let your imagination go wild and choose custom made kitchen cabinetry giving you the dream finished coupled with practical utility.