Can Depression Be Prevented? Simple Ways To Avoid Mental Fatigue In The ‘New Normal’

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To say 2020 has been a roller-coaster year would be an understatement. As humans, we don’t feel built to handle this much information on top of a drastic shift in lifestyle. Suddenly, work has followed us home, while we find ourselves isolated from many simple joys and activities we may have taken for granted. And that takes its toll on our bodies and minds.

Mental fatigue is real, but while we’re learning to cope, there are lots of small adjustments we can make to keep ourselves balanced. Our mental health is important, and making a difference would be difficult if we don’t care for ourselves first. So here are some simple ways to avoid mental fatigue in our “new normal.”

1. Don’t Compromise Your Sleep

When our life circumstances get thrown off course, sleep is one of the first things to suffer. And when your sleep quality gets compromised, so do a lot of things: immunity, appetite, energy levels, and yes, mental health. Johns Hopkins Medicine notes that depression symptoms and migraines may arise or even worsen. With the global situations already exhausting your body and mind, getting a good night’s sleep goes a long way to helping your brain rest and recuperate. 

One great, extra-comfortable way to improve sleep quality? Try a weighted blanket. These trendy bed friends can make a huge difference in your sleep, especially if you’re feeling anxious or depressed. Weighted blankets can help minimize restless sleeping, relax your nervous system, and promote deeper sleep. Weighted Evolution has premium bamboo-weighted blankets with ethically-sourced materials in the highest quality, for unparalleled comfort and relaxation. Get 10% off your first order with the code WE10. Hello, sleepytime!

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2. Happy Tea Time

There’s a tea for every need out there. Energy kick? Antioxidant? Relaxation? You name it, there’s a cup to brew. Tea can improve your brain health, provide a natural source of caffeine, or lower anxiety levels. Healthline points out that brews with caffeine can boost your energy levels and help you feel more alert, while those without caffeine can help you feel relaxed and lessen feelings of anxiety or depression.

Need to boost your energy and beat mental fatigue? Total Tea Herbal Energy Tea is naturally caffeinated, making it perfect for that morning drink. Want something refreshing? Their Pure Organic Peppermint Tea is 100% pure peppermint. And for that soothing cup before bed time, Total Tea’s Pure Organic Chamomile Tea is the perfect drink while tucking under the blankets. Get 20% off site-wide when you place your order now!

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3. Don’t Skip Leg Day…

…or any other part of the body. Workouts are a quick and simple happiness boost, and an easy pick-me-up at any point of your day. Start your mornings with a workout to psych yourself up for your To Do’s, use it as a mental and physical break from work, or make it your reward for a job well done. A study by Sharma, Madaan, and Petty showed that exercise can help reduce negative moods, improve sleep, increase alertness, and relieve stress. Even just thirty minutes of moderate activity can go a long way. 

For a one-of-a-kind, personalized at-home fitness experience, FORME Life brings the workout to you. The full-length mirror transforms your space into a personal exercise studio to train both body and mind. Pre-order your FORME Studio setup today and get complimentary delivery + installation!

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4. Keep the Routine

It can be difficult, especially when every day feels the same, to maintain a semblance of routine in our lives. Tasks overlap or stack up, our home becomes our work station, and sometimes it feels like there isn’t a break. But that makes it more important than ever to remain organized. The more mental clutter filters in, the more anxious you get — or the more depressed you feel, overwhelmed by everything. Even acts as simple as breaking tasks down into To-Do lists can provide that sense of stability, and give you fewer things to stress about. Don’t let task anxiety wear you down!

Planners and schedule pads are a great way to stay organized and hold your brain accountable for important Things To Do. Check out Life & Apples’ planners and accessories for the planner that matches your taste so you can keep yourself on track and keep your brain from burning out.

Life & Apples Life & Apples Photo: Life & Apples

The world feels a lot at the moment, and it’s putting an unprecedented strain on our brains. There’s too much to think about and process and mental fatigue compounds the more tired and stressed you get. But no matter how much of a struggle it might feel, it’s always better to get ahead of the stress instead of coping when our brains already feel like mush. Avoid mental fatigue and keep the negative impact at bay. Your brain will be grateful in the long run.

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