Bright and Fit Fitness App by Alice Veglio is Breaking Records in Italy

Alice Veglio is an Italian international model who started her career as a fitness trainer. Before moving to Dubai in 2018, Alice developed a holistic approach to fitness, wellness and healthcare, and founded a startup that achieved a turnover of 500,000 Euros in less than two years

Bright and fit fitness App reached an annual turnover of half million euros, by promoting a new concept of feminine empowerment.

The project was born as a new fitness startup and it’s breaking every record in Italy.

The founder is Alice Veglio, an international model and entrepreneur living in Dubai.

We interviewed Alice to better understand the beginning and the evolution of her entrepreneurial idea.

Q: Is there something that inspired you to take this new entrepreneurial path?

A: During my studying career, I approached my education by following a double path. On one hand, I had a University Degree in Economics and Business Management, on the other hand, I attended the Leonardo Da Vinci University in Rome (one of the most distinguished University in Italy for holistic sciences), where I got several certifications as fitness and wellness coach.

After completing my studies I joined financial and fitness skills together, so I worked on a new startup where fitness and wellness would have been able to work together as a whole.

I set the new goal to make holistic fitness popular among ordinary people. I hired some workers to create my staff and I began to share the concept online.

Before starting my academic career, I attended a series of internship in the United Arab Emirates since I was 18. The potential of digital business has always fascinated me.

Q: Did you encounter any difficulties when you started working on your startup?

A: Yes. The major difficulty I found was promoting the concept of holistic fitness, because it was something very little known in Italy.

Educating people on the benefits brought by holistic fitness is difficult, because it’s a disruptive concept of wellness, which puts the happiness of the single person on the same level as the results gained with training and exercises.

In our society, it’s commonly spread the misconception that it requires a strict diet connected with the loss of emotional happiness to have a perfect body.

Holistic fitness works on developing health and wellness from a unique perspective where mindset, nutrition and fitness are developed simultaneously.

The second difficulty I faced was about promoting the fitness from home, as people are used adapt themselves to gym timetables and rules, along with the stress caused by having to find a place to park the car somewhere when they want to hit the gym.

I wanted to develop a new fitness concept linked to digital business. What separated women from achieving their physical and health goals was the lack of time. My program offers the comfort of being able to always have your personal trainer with you without the need to go out. 

3) A: Covid-19 pandemic forced the Governments of many nations to impose general lockdowns. How this global health crisis affected your business?

The lockdown gave me the possibility to bring to the people a new way to stay in shape and protecting their health.

Because of the lockdown, “Bright and fit fitness program” experienced a genuine breakthrough. I invited 13 professionals to be part of my staff and my startup this year will have a turnover of over 500,000 Euros.

The official app on Google and Apple stores has also been released, and it counts over 10,000 active users.

4) Can you tell us what the current situation of Bright and Fit and what are you planning for its future?

Bright and Fit is one of most known startup in Italy related to fitness and it’s the most relevant startup focused on holistic fitness. 

I want to make it easier for all women to stay fit by taking advantage of the best certified protocols and the infinite communication potential of the digital world.

I have innovated the way we treat fitness on YouTube with live masterclasses that promote the themes dedicated to women’s health and their personal growth. The channel has reached 33,000 subscribers in a few months and is regularly followed by thousands of people with videos that reach over 500.000 views.

I am planning to expand the company even more and help many new customers. I would like to establish new partnerships with fitness professionals. 

We are also going to launch a dedicated e-commerce and an upgraded version of the app by the beginning of 2021 so yes, we have great plans for the future!

Thank you Alice, it was a pleasure interviewing you and we wish you all the best for your career.

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