Brandon Lee Workout Vs Bruce Lee Workout

Brandon Lee’s workout program for the film – Rapid Fire was designed by Darryl Chan, his personal trainer. When Darryl asked Brandon Lee what his goal was, in terms of his physique; for the film Rapid Fire he said he wanted to look like his dad… Bruce Lee.

Brandon Lee’s exercise program started out with six days on one day off. He worked out two body parts per day.

Here’s a breakdown of the Brandon Lee workout six-day per week program:

Monday: Chest and Triceps

Tuesday: Shoulders and Biceps

Wednesday: Back

Thursday: Chest and Triceps

Friday: Shoulders and Biceps

Saturday: Back

Sunday: Off

As you can see from this workout the focus is entirely on the upper body. Later on Darryl Chan reduced the training program to 3 days on one day off schedule. The training schedule for that program looks like this.

Brandon Lee workout — Three Days on One Day off Schedule

Monday: Chest and Triceps

Tuesday: Shoulders and Biceps

Wednesday: Back

Thursday: Off

Friday: Chest and Triceps

Saturday: Shoulders and Biceps

Sunday: Back

Monday: Off

For the chest workout some of the exercises used were flat bench press, a dumbbell incline press, dumbbells decline press, and dumbbell flys.

The triceps workout Brandon Lee used the following exercises… weighted dips, triceps push downs and reverse grip push down.

One of the principles that was used in this workout was muscle confusion. The exercises would be changed for each workout. For example if they performed barbell bench presses for the chest workout on the next chest workout they might use dumbbell chest presses etc.

Repetitions and Sets

Both of Brandon Lee’s workout programs consisted of approximately 4 sets. The repetitions were designed to build power so, he performed 5 to 10 repetitions of each exercise.

The Brandon Lee workout program was performed over a three-month period. His bodyweight went from 158 pounds to a lean and muscular 168 pounds. In looking at some of the pictures of Brandon Lee in the film Rapid Fire it appears to me that he achieved his goal of looking like his father. Unfortunately, this was the last film that Brandon Lee made.