Body Bot Review – Pros and Cons of the BodyBot Fitness Software

The Body Bot fitness software is an online training program which allows you to create your own unique workouts and displays a video demonstration of this workout on your computer screen so you can follow easily. But no Body Bot review will be complete without specifying the pros and cons of this fitness tool.

Body Bot Pros and Cons


1. The BodyBot software is an online software so you don’t need to download it to your computer and install it. You can also access it from every computer with an internet connection.

2. The software allows you to create multiple workouts and so helps you to keep your exercises interesting and new. This increases motivation.

3. The exercises are easy to follow – This is because the exercises are displayed by video in front of you on the screen.

4. You can work different body parts – The exercises in Ryan Lee’s body bot are arranged according to body part. This means that it’s easy to use this software to tone a specific muscle group.


1. The body bot software comes with musical segments to accompany the workouts. However, I don’t like them very much. You can do what I do when I use the BodyBot: hit the mute button and put on my own CD.

2. The Body Bot doesn’t deal with nutrition, only exercises and so it only covers one of the 2 aspects of the weight loss process. This means that you mustn’t forget that your nutrition plays a key role in determining your weight loss success or failure.