Biden putting spotlight on health care in Supreme Court debate | News

Biden is expected to focus in the weeks ahead on the Democratic fight to prevent a nominee from being confirmed to the court, with a particular emphasis on the effect the court could have on health care and climate change. Biden aides stopped short of ruling out the possibility the campaign would advertise around the court fight, though that decision hadn’t been finalized.

Trump is promising to put forth a nominee this coming week and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has vowed to call a vote.

“In a raw political move, this president and the Republican leader have decided to jam a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court through the United States Senate,” Biden said. “That’s the last thing we need at this moment.”

Biden is still not, however, planning to release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees, because putting out a full list, the aide said, would further politicize the court and the nomination process, aides said. Biden’s aides said those interested in his thinking on a justice can look to his long history as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for guidance.

Their refusal to put names to Biden’s potential court pick underscores the political peril that the Supreme Court debate holds for Biden. Conservatives are still energized by the issue, and putting out names could offer Trump and his allies a list of conservative boogeymen to use against Biden to rev up his base.

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