Belly Dancing for Lifetime Fitness and Fat Burning

Belly dancing regularly is a fitness program that stimulates the fat burning button for your metabolism. If you’re looking for fitness that will stay with you throughout your lifetime metabolic changes then look into the popular craze of Belly dance. Some people think the dance is hard but that’s simply because most fitness training works on “building” muscle rather than feeling muscle.

Belly dance moves may seem more complicated than regular exercise but in truth the belly, hip and chest moves are based on the basic shapes of the body. The moves are centered from pumping the energy from the legs and feet, to the hips, chest and head. Belly dance moves are not only about building body and muscle strength or control. These ancient dance moves take you deeper into yourself and create internal strength of the abdomen and spine, while also expressing yourself in a graceful and skillful way.

The movement of the pelvis repeatedly works like a pump on the belly cavity that holds and protects the organs. Belly rolls or “undulations” both massage the organs and soothe the nervous system. The popular movement of the belly dance “shimmy” uses shaking from the hips and spine that stimulates the brain and pituitary gland and hormonal system. The repetitive undulating moves stimulate the brain juices, lymphatic fluids, and “pumps” in the body that regulate the nervous system, lymphatic system and hormonal system.

The benefits of belly dance have been contributed to the focus of the dance on the belly organs and especially the lower belly. While Belly dance is good for women and the reproductive organs, there are many more health and fitness benefits of belly dancing. The dance actually works on the entire central channel of the body, from the head and brain to neck and chest, upper abs, middle abs and lower abs.

In dancing with the central channel of the body you stimulate the connection between hormonal function and breathing. Chest lifts and drops activate the diaphragm and target the abdominal muscles that activating breathing and also pump the central bundle of nerves that regulate digestion. The central channel of the body – also connected to what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls “triple burner” – activates the core heating system of the body which creates and balances energy and metabolism as well as stimulates weight loss and fat burning. The internal workout provided by belly dance builds up your body heat as well as works out your organs, nervous and hormonal system, digestive system and breathing!

The popular dance has been enjoyed for thousands of years because it’s good for the whole body, not just the belly. For beginners to Belly dance Fitness, you will start with repeating moves to feel how different parts of the body are connected and separate at the same time! When beginning to learn the dance, start with beginning to feel the different parts of the body, the hips, midriff chest, abs, arms and spine. Feel the energy coming up the body from the feet. Integrating the whole body creates the most impact on your total body fitness that switches on your body’s natural metabolic and fat burning capability.