Bamboo Vs Metal


These kitchen cabinets offer a unique look that wood lovers are sure to like. They are more environmentally friendly than using wood because this material is more plentiful and grows back quicker than the trees that are used to make wood kitchen cabinets, guaranteeing that there will not be harsh costs to the environment.

These kitchen cabinets are also pretty sturdy, particularly for a cabinet that is technically made of grass. When the grass is treated properly, it can give the same durability that most hard woods, like oak, are known for. Homeowners may be able to save costs in the long run due to them not having to replace them very often.

The look of bamboo is another one of the benefits that many homeowners continue to fall in love with. This material offers a unique look that simply cannot be found anywhere else. It can easily be used to complement a modern look, or to add more charm to a traditional style. Whatever the style, homeowners that use these are sure to enjoy the versatility offered.

Another area where this material tends to shine is that it is low maintenance. Wood cupboards often need oiled and special cleaners may need to be used. These, however, can be easily wiped clean with soap, water, and a soft cloth.

On the downside, this grass is only grown in Asia, meaning that transportation costs tend to add to the cost, making these a bit more on the pricey side depending on where they are purchased. This material will show scratches just look wood cabinetry does too.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cabinetry is quickly making its way to the top of the popularity contest. These offer a polished look that simply cannot be found anywhere else. On top of that, these are considered more durable and stronger than most wooden cabinets. They can withstand a large family that seems to pack every cabinet to the brim, and they will not break easily.

These cabinets offer more than just durability and a crisp, clean look. They are also easy to keep up with soap and water, and home owners never have to worry about the fading. They also tend to say light, giving the illusion of more space in a small kitchen, which can be the perfect idea to transform a claustrophobic kitchen into a modern masterpiece.

While they may offer a gleaming appearance, this material can wind up dented and scratched easier than bamboo, and it shows fingerprints. If little ones constantly want to touch everything, it is going to drive homeowners crazy as they struggle to clean the cabinet doors with glass cleaner to make them look clean again.

Which one?

All in all, both of these materials are great. They are both durable, and can coordinate well with different styles. They can both be low maintenance too. Homeowners are encouraged to consider the appearance and children in the house. If the look of either material makes homeowners eyes light up, then that one is the way to go. Environmentally friendly people typically go with bamboo, though. Last, consider the fingerprint element with stainless steel. Homeowners that want their home to appear clean and neat at all times will probably not enjoy this material as much as they originally though once they realize how many fingerprints can accumulate in a busy household within a few hours.

New cabinetry should be used to suit the homeowners needs and lifestyle, whichever material that is. Browse through some pictures online and see which look is perfect for the latest remodelling project.