At Home Fitness Equipment – Bodyweight and Dumbbell Exercises Are the Best Way to Get Into Shape

There are two pieces of equipment you need to make an extreme workout at home: Your body weight and a set of dumb-bells. Body weight exercise is a remarkable place to embark on your fitness journey. Straightforward press ups, chinups, and body weight squats will get you far.

Many people are certain that obtaining dumb-bells is costly. However once you figure in the real mathematics, dumb-bells are one of the most cost-saving pieces of exercise instruments out there. Look at this – the majority of men use anywhere from 35lbs to 50lbs dumb-bells, and women use 15 to 25 lbs dumb-bells. At your neighborhood exercise equipment shop, the usual rate is .50 cents for every pound. So you merely need to invest $15-$50 for a pair of dumb-bells.

Contrast this to a $400 per year gym membership, and you can see where the advantage is. There are a lot of other plus points to resistance training in the comfort of your own home, in addition to convenience and time saved. Simply driving to and from a gym can get quite time consuming. When you exercise in the comfort of your own home, there is certainly no commuting time.

Why dumb-bells and body weight work outs? Well dumb-bells are the best for muscle and strength improvement. Body weight exercise is advantageous for weight reduction and stamina. When you blend the two, you get  the best mass gain and weight reduction training program.

The primary step in organizing an extreme in home training program is to pick out multi joint exercises. Multi joint exercises are exercises which activate more than one muscle group at a time. Examples are press ups, chinups, dumbbell squats, dumbell chest press, bent over rows, and dumbell deadlifts.

The following step is to pick out some good intensity methods. Intensity methods such as supersets and circuit training will help you take your home routines to the next level. It’s literally the difference between a boring training program and a challenging one.