An Exercise Ball As an Office Chair? There’s No Better Way to Stay in Shape While at Work

Exercise balls can reshape interior designs as well as they can reshape bodies. Often referred to as an exercise ball, an exercise ball is traditionally used as a supplemental workout tool, as its flexibility and an ability to return to its original shape effortlessly makes it extraordinarily useful for toning one’s body. Exercise balls can be used to strengthen your core, so you have solid abs you can show off to anyone and everyone. But did you know you could use an exercise ball as an office chair?

Fitness balls built into office chairs have become exceptionally popular lately, cementing their spot in the workplace as firmly as the framed family picture. Why the sudden surge in interest? Exercise balls require constant bodily adjustment when used for sitting, as their shape shifts depending on how one’s weight is distributed throughout the ball. Though it may sound tedious, this process actually slowly works out your core, and enables you to focus on your work for long periods of time, uninterrupted by casual distractions that tend to damage productivity in the office.

You may be asking, “How does that make sense? How can you be less distracted when you’re constantly adjusting your body on your seat all the time?”

It’s actually pretty simple. People who are fidgety or suffer from serious attention loss can expend loads of energy and thought into useless tasks. These distractions can impact one’s performance on the job, and make the day feel like it’s taking forever. When you use a fitness ball chair, you have to focus so much restless thought and energy into maintaining the proper weight distribution on the ball that it prevents you from fidgeting as much. This way, you can focus your thoughts and be more attentive to the task at hand. Sometimes, brains work in strange ways.

Using a gym ball as an office chair can help you maintain focus and your body shape, but using one is also a great way to add a modern look to your office. Fitness ball chairs have no back and their tops have semi-spherical shape, which makes them look like they’re truly the furniture of the future. And furniture of the future could be an accurate term. With work hours sucking up so much of peoples’ time, and family life taking away what little is left, finding time to do extracurricular exercise can be a challenge.

But with an exercise ball office chair, finding the time to stay in shape is as easy as sitting down.