A Healthier Life SYSTEM

Have you ever felt, frustrated, by the continuous cycle, of feeling healthy, followed by poorer health, then taking medications, feeling like you are simply, covering – up, the symptoms, rather than addressing the cause? Unlike many other nations, we, in the United States, proceed, with an, allopathy – first, and/ or, allopathy – oriented, process/ set of priorities, rather than emphasizing addressing the causes (instead of the symptoms)! While, medications are, certainly, needed, to address certain ailments, diseases, etc, there are many times, another focus, might be a healthier, longer – term, one. This wellness SYSTEM must include a willingness to take a look, at the bigger – picture, and address, both, ailments/ diseases, as well as a way – of – life, which might produce healthier, happier, individuals. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why, it makes sense, to consider, and better understand.

1. Stronger: If we followed, an overall process, which emphasized, making us, truly stronger, and more effective, instead of, waiting until, something, ails – us, we would enhance our possibilities, of living, a healthier, and, thus, happier life. This means considering, supplementing, conventional medicine, with alternative approaches, in a well – considered manner!

2. You; yes: No one can address your personal issues, so, the responsibility, is, up, to you! Say, yes, to the possibilities, but do so, after consultation, and discussion, with your respected, trusted, well – informed, health professional!

3. Solutions: Part of this process, is to consider, your perceptions, and whether, you are ready, willing, and able, to focus on viable solutions, instead of doing nothing, either because of fear/ discomfort, or lack of willingness/ readiness, to, think – outside – the – box!

4. Trends: While there are numerous, time – tested, quality solutions and approaches, health treatments are constantly evolving, and, thus, it is a wise approach, to consider, recognize, and use, all appropriate trends, and possibilities. Always do so, however, carefully, in a well – considered manner, and carefully!

5. Enjoyment; excellence; emphasis: Wouldn’t your life be more enjoyable, if/ when, you might be more ready, and willing, to focus on quality and excellence, and place your emphasis, in an enlightened way?

6. Motivation/ motivates: Take the time, to consider, your personal motivations, when it comes to your health, and well – being! Are you ready, and willing, to, open – your – mind, to the possibilities, and how, combining conventional, with alternative treatments, might be, beneficial to you, and your overall health?

Do you have a personal SYSTEM, to help you, try to be, as healthy, as possible? Using a proactive approach, and expanding the limits of your personal, comfort zone, may be, in your best interests!