4 Proactive Steps For Addressing Your Symptoms Of Arthritis

Many Americans suffer from some of the symptoms of arthritis. Sometimes, the effects are more significant and severe, while, at other times, it is closer to an annoyance. Since there are two basic forms of this ailment, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, this article will refer to the former, when we reference, the condition. There are a variety of options and alternatives, which can, either, be used, independently, or in combination with others, but, it is generally wise, to use the 4 steps, this article mentions, in order to determine, the best approach, for you, your ailment, aches and pains, pain tolerance, and, open – mind! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, a logical, 4 – step approach, to handling this, to your best personal purposes.

1. Consult doctor or trusted health professional, and follow the advice: Always begin, by being examined by, and consulting with a physician, or other trusted health professional! However, this is only meaningful, if/ when, you commit to effectively listen, and learn, and follow the advice provided. Some procedures used, include: a thorough examination; laboratory tests, including blood, etc; radiologic exams and tests; etc. There is no one – size – fits – all, and, many potential prescription drugs, may have long – term impacts/ ramifications, which should be understood and appreciated. Consider every treatment on a risk / reward basis, and, always, ask, for a variety of potential treatment modalities, and/ or, approaches!

2. Supplements: Many have discovered, certain supplements help with addressing the symptoms, as well as slow – down, the progress of the arthritis progression. Some, which have been tested, include: Glucosamine; Chondroitin; Hyaluronic Acid; Essential Fatty Acids; etc. The advantage of these, is the potential to minimize the side – effects, while often, helping, but, in more severe situations, may not adequately address a specific individual’s needs, etc.

3. Exercise: Personal trainers, physical therapists, therapeutic massage, regular exercise, including walking, running, working – out in a gym, spa treatments, etc, are often, believed to be helpful!

4. Alternative treatments: Some prefer to use and take advantage of certain alternative treatments, before resorting to certain medications, and, so – called, conventional treatments. For example, many discover, semi – regular, acupuncture treatments, are helpful, and have very little risk. Others try homeopathic solutions/ remedies, or other alternative treatments.

The symptoms of arthritis do not go away, by themselves. Wouldn’t it make sense, to open – your – mind, and, consider your options and alternatives?